Any company or individual requires storage which can be accessed from anywhere. This day, the Internet can simplify performance and flexibility of data storage. Secure drive was created for store data in digital, in the form of documents and image that have been encrypted with a key-dongle. Security is the basis of the creation of Secure Drive. With web-based programming, Secure Drive can access in any file form which has been uploaded and encrypted freely and securely. Secure Drive very first introduced to institutions Ministry of Defense of the Republic Indonesia.
Dongle is used as a tool to perform account verification and the key provider for fie encryption. Equipped with touch sensors on the body of dongle to generate a random string that adapted to the system so that can match with password account in database. That way the security of the system it has a layer security plated.
  • Save all forms of files (image, video, document)
  • Files that is on the server, in the form of files that have been encrypted
  • Using the AES-128 method
  • Secure Drive where accessible just as long as there is internet connection
  • Dongle strengthens security system
  • Download documents
  • Open (decrypt) documents
Secure drive can accomplish your need for security data's of yours
  • Can save all format file (image, video, documents)
  • Files on server are encripted files
  • Use encryption method AES256
  • Unique dongle that can't be copied or cloned
  • One dongle for one account only
  • Secure drive can be accessed anywhere as long as there is an internet network
  • dongle : USB 2.0/3.0, FPGA, RSA 2048, AES256, ECDH, TRNG custom key

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